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March 11, 2013
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ZERO--00 - Quote by Gelly-Bear ZERO--00 - Quote by Gelly-Bear

Edit: ahsduhufgt omgosh I got in!? can't belive this ahhh :iconcryforeverplz: so happy!!!

been stalking this group for awhile now thanks to *eirinnn and finally decided to go for it! ashufht better start praying now!
oh and my laptop is fixed! yay! ....I forgot to mention it broke 3 weeks ago and I had to use my old crappy laggy laptop but its all good now <3 I can speed up my drawing process again!

this is the same as pic above but the size is at 100 percent so you can see all the details;;...if you feel the need to that is - [link]

Hospital Name: Central Hospital Date: 11/02/---- Start Time: 12:04 End Time: 13:00

Name of Patient: Quote Zhen Chu

Department: Juvenile correction Patient Code:0034927344

Problem: Being seen for Pyromania and emotional detachment, some traits of Misogyny.

Age: 20 D.O.B: 31/07 Height: 174cm Gender: Male

Residence: Zone 3/2, been informed that he has no permanent residence borrowing from various girl “friends”

Occupation: “making woman and then breaking them” as quoted. suspected profession, Pimp/Host?

Demonic weapon: Magical type - great sword, has the ability to heat up to very high temperatures by stealing the heat from the surroundings around it, flames can also be created by scraping any of the darker metal against the lighter metal, soles of shoes are made from the darker metal for this purpose. Though very powerful its weight makes it very difficult to wield and move at fast speeds defense is very low because of this. It has a definite weakness against things with low body temperatures or cold surroundings in general as it then has hardly any heat to steal in this case it is possible to steal heat from the user (if this is desired then the gauntlet must be removed for bare skin to touch the handle) but this can backfire and seriously weaken him after a very short period of time. Weapon also has the ability to split in half, this increases his speed and agility somewhat but of course reduces the power in his strikes by about half, and the size of the blade is still pretty cumbersome so this technique isn't used often. when it is used, only one of the blades is normally used and the other left as an anchor.

Personality: Patient seems to have a pretty open personality not afraid to give opinions though there are defiantly aspects of him that he doesn’t show to others. Cheerful and doesn’t dwell on the past and moves on from things quickly. Very confident with himself, Creative in various things, romantic even if I suspect this is fake front for his “job”. Likes being in control and is what some may call arrogant, lacks the ability to visualize others feelings.

History: “Family consists of my father and mother and little brother, haha yeah though I don’t remember much about them, life was okay I guess? Not much to compare it to. My Father wasn’t the best at handling his emotions. I don’t know what his problem was, I was never one to try figure people like that out, but some nights he tended to take it out on mum, But neither of them where really that concerned about there so called “son” and what I did, Mother never really looked my way I know nearly nothing about her, but from observing she was an eccentric person, I guess you have to be for naming your child quote ….urgh. Father was a bit better he spoke to me sometimes after he came home late from work, though I took my care to avoid him when he was in one of his moods. It was basically down to me to fend for myself…I was a part of that family yet the same time I was like a stranger in the house. Thinking back on it someone must had taken care of me when I was very little but I can’t seem to recall who it was………My life was just my life until it really started to get me in high school when I started to interact more with other people. I suppose my childhood had affected more than I thought. I grew to hate my parents more and more especially after my little brother was born. They didn’t have the right to have another child which was the thing that bothered me the most. I took pity on my brother and took care of him as much as possible. But there’s only so much a boy in high school can do. I guess I’m missing the point you want to talk about though yes?”

“Well never mind I shall explain it here anyway it’s as good as time as ever. My obsession with fire grew as I was left alone by my parents, my mother used to leave candles lying around from her weird mumbo jumbo rituals and relaxing techniques she did and I often found myself staring at that tiny flame ……how should I explain… it was …rather hypnotizing and…warming? The rest is pretty simple though it just grew from there. I proceeded to make fires in the back yard and experiment with burning different objects in fascination watching how they all turn to dust using this one tool “fire” it gave me more of a sense of control over my life. Now back to high school things where okay in my school life, I made a few friends, my grades where below average but I never found the motivation to fix this, after school I entertained myself by causing small fires and looking after my brother. Then one night I was messing about as usual and the fire got out of control and burned are family home down, my dad had taken the fire alarm down to replace its batteries and failed to put it back up, and well you have the report right? My dad and mum died on the way to the hospital with severe burns, my brother only injured slightly his room being furthest away from the place the fire started and was taken to hospital and then taken away by child services. And I was taken here with only a few minor burns. And I was let go from juvenile correction a few years later. But here we are again tada~”

“What I’m doing currently? Hah Well just hanging around in Zone 3 and Zone 2 I suppose, just being a good samaritan and helping the big shots enjoy their free time, and well it’s funny what you can do with connections. Life’s pretty good I suppose. Is that it? Can I go now?”

“Hobbies? Why do you want to know? Well whatever let me think… Gambling is always good fun, photography I suppose, I did a short course on it once… pretty fascinating stuff. What else what else… I do general exercise down by the sea side every day is that a hobby? I’m pretty good at monkey bars recently if I do say so myself haha thinking of taking up tai chi as well a friend recommended it. Oh and fashion is a good passer of time as well pretty into this look at the moment. Oh that reminds me live alternative music is great as well, cooking I’m pretty good at though I wouldn’t call it a hobby per say…running out of things here. Nail art? …no ignore that, ummm nah I think that’s about it.”

Medication required: No Support necessary: Yes.

Other Notes: Needs more counseling to fix the problem. Still partakes in a fascination with fire e.g smokes a lot just so he can use a lighter, Other potentially illegal activities unknown. Slight signs of Misogyny with the fact he treats woman like objects, well-loved objects but objects all the same. Appears to have trust issues with people in general, I suspect that he lies a lot, though no way to confirm. Ability to function in society is very high despite this and has a way with sweet talking people…seemingly embarrassed about his skill at nail art, insists on using middle name due to obvious reasons. Blocks out anything to do with his brother for reasons unknown, refusal to find him when suggested.

Next session if required: 15/04/---- Signed: _____________________X

what is anatomy!? wut is side faces? wut is proportions!? what are writing skills?

Quote Chu....get it? get it? :iconohohoplz: /SHOT/ u can tell I took forever on thinking that name up.....I literally did. I was inspired by hong Kong English names, theirs a guy with the name "Never Wong" ...that will never be un-funny to me

I am now an expert (not really) on pyromania as well now having read like 9 essays on it. its a super interesting topic actually! So Quote fits in super well with the typical traits of a pyromaniac and some traits of misogyny, you learn like so much doing OC research lol

I wanted to be creative with the the text for once and do it from the point of view from his therapist seeing as I saw people had done loads of amazing stuff with there text bit after reading all the app descriptions currently in the group *such a stalker* and wanted to have a go....I'm not sure I managed it. I'm such a risk taker and cool kid going with out an app check I totaly did this on person yo. its not like I didn't manage to finish in time or anything.....:iconsulkplz: more like an idiot.... please don't reject meeee /shot/

The demonic weapon bit is so not relevant in a therapist report but I just thought if I don't mention it maybe it will look natural if I slip it in lool

hnnn another reason I wanted to do it from the point of view of his therapist is so that not everything is given away from the start ohoho its more fun to rp like that and people can find out more of the truth about him out and stuff ;; I hope that's okay to do god please say its okay to do this /so nervous/

oh and remind me never to try designing weapons again my god I suck /sobs/ look at it! just look at it :iconthisisawfulplz:

I been working on this for 4 weeks now my god and I still didn't manage to shade the damn thing...I've come to the conclusion I'm the slowest worker ever /sobs/ I'm sorry!
lol he's the most unoriginal design ever he looks like an Ai no exorcist reject /rolls about in frustration/
but I still like him asudhft /holds him/

anyways down to the most important of all ....................................................please be my friend and rp with me /grabs you/

I'm not a creeper... honest :iconheplz:
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KiyokoAmaya Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Like his Zero form! And OMG, the detail on that sword. :iconwooowplz:
Gelly-Bear Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013
ahuisdhft thankyou so much /cries/ glad you like it and dont think its super lame /holds onto you/
and ahhhh that was like a good hour or so well spent/wasted on that stupid ass sword pssh so original...a big sword/shot/
NIkly Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013
wanna rp for the mini-event? :iconheplz:
Gelly-Bear Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013
all the ways babes :iconheplz: ...which means yes /shot
NIkly Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013
Fabulous! :iconfabulousplz: how do you want to rp?
Gelly-Bear Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013
ummm ahhh...ummm.... I do skype and da notes and chat rooms and msn though thats dieing the poor thing /pats it/ but wutever floats ur boat I can have a go at!
NIkly Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
skype works for me :D. If you want, send me your skype name via note so I can add you^^
astroaxus Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013
AKJHDAGAS Your character looks so intense omggg kjhgsdsa I really like all the details on the zero form especially! * 7 * //// Hehe and the way you laid out the history was cool too huff huff kahjsd <33
Gelly-Bear Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013
ahsduihfuht intense omg LOOL best word he's been called yet :iconbrohugplz:
;; I got such a thing for details amg its so stupid cus then it takes me forever to lineart and colourrr /kills self/ thankyou so much!

hnnn his history is so short compared to everyone elses lool I was like shit maybe I havent done enough but oh well my writing skills are crap so probably for the best!

ahhh I hope we can rp some time I think it will be interesting an all <3 lool especially with him hating woman an all and ur OC cross dressing an all ahhhh
PAPRpills Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
I love the medical paper thing you did to introduce your character~ HES REALLY INTERESTING- I liked especially how you made the weapon fire related since he's so big on fire-
ALSO :iconallofusplz: we all see what you did there- trying to put in the deets of his demonic weapon in a therapist recordhjdkahsjdghj

Can't wait to see him around! * u *

Maybe he would like to interact with my dumb Madlypoo- y'know if he's into that sorta thing :iconheplz:i know i am
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